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Commercial Fabric Shade Structures

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Shade fabric structures can be commercial shade sails; frame-supported shade canopies; tensile structures; shade shelters; shade umbrellas; or any commercial shade canopy with cable-tensioned shade cloth.

  • Cool air up to 20 degrees 
  • Block up to 96% of sun's UVA & UVB rays
  • Shade factor up to 97% 
  • Prevent hot surfaces
  • Stop painful glare 
  • Beautify landscapes 

Shade Sails Commercial California(See Patio Shade Structure photos)              

Shade Canopy Fabric Parking 








(See Parking Shade Structure photos)

Prefabricated fabric shade structures are DURABLE!  

  • Endure 90+ MPH winds
  • Structural steel: 20-yr warranty 
  • UV stabilized HDPE fabric 10-yr warranty 
  • Heavy-duty fabric won't mold, rot or mildew
  • Cable-tensioned fabrics won't sag or vibrate
  • Factory welded water-tight structural steel
  • Oven-baked powder coat finish

Tension fabric shade structures are SAFE!

  • Engineered to California Building Code
  • Approved by California Fire Marshal 
  • DSA shade canopy for CA schools  
  • GSA shade structures
  • Los Angeles fabricators' license  

Tentile Shade Structure San Francisco, Ca










 (See Tensile Shade Structures photos)                            

Courtyard Patio Awning California                       (See Playground Shade Structure photos)

Tension fabric structures are beautiful with advantages over conventional sun canopies, awnings & tents.  See shade cover structure advantages.

They're ideal for California patios, parking lots, pools, playgrounds, walkways, building entrances, waiting areas, car washes, bleachers, courtyards, amphitheaters, etc.

Shade Comforts is a premier designer, supplier, & installation contractor of custom, shade fabric structures for California organizations.  See about us.

Our Single Vendor Solution includes design, site-specific engineering, in-plant fabrication, footing construction, & erection.  

SoCal projects deploy from Temecula; NorCal from Benicia. 

Fabric Shade Structure Patio Cantilever 

(See Cantilever Shade Structure photos)

Tensile Structure Patio


See shade structure contractor projects. 

See shade structure design specifications.  





                (See Entrance Shade Structure photos)







California designer & construction contractor of commercial, cable-supported fabric shade structures!

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