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Tensioned Fabric Shade Covers: Superior Sun Protection Structures

"From this experience (2004 Hurricane Frances), I am convinced fabric structures are a great idea.  Not only are they economical to have designed and installed, they are able to withstand weather that will damage other types of permanent structures."

Kent Foreman, Landscape Architect & Designer
Harmony Development Corporation

Fabric Architecture Magazine January 2005

Shade Canopy Tennis Court California  

Unlike other building materials, cable-tensioned shade covers cool by creating air movement.  Hot air rises between the knitted High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) yarns without getting trapped inside.  This air convection enables inside temperature to drop up to 20 degrees! 

They provide permanent sun protection for people, inventory, & equipment.  The fabrics are also water-resistant.  Over 90% of rain sheds during intense storms.  Given proper pitch, only fine mist passes between yarns during downpours.       

      Courtyard Shade Sails                  

 (see Sports Play Area Shade Structure photos)                

We engineer structures to local building code using stringent fabric shade structure design specifications.  

Product and construction costs are minimized because structures are prefabricated, painted, & sewn in manufacturing plants specialized in tension fabric shade structures.  There's no field welding, painting, or sewing.   

That's why the installed prices of tension fabric structures are less than alternative building materials of comparable size and quality.  

                     (see Courtyard Shade Structure photos)Merchandise Shade Cover




The structural steel supports electrial applicances such as lights, speakers, video monitors, fans etc.



Tram Shade Structure(see Merchandise Shade Cover photos)             


See Fabric Shade Structure Video of commercial applications throughout California.




                    (see Transit Shelter photos)

California designer & construction contractor of commercial, cable-supported fabric shade structures!

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