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Freestanding Courtyard Patio Awning With Large ClearSPAN

Patio awning shades courtyard at Sunnyvale, CA school in Santa Clara County with freestanding design having large ClearSPAN between columns

Tensile Structure Shades Alameda County Patio

Tensile structure shades Patio at Livermore, CA site of Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, CA.

Truck Well Shade Structure Orange County CA

Tensioned fabric over truck well shades merchandise at Lake Forest, CA manufacturer using shed roof design secured to building walls.

Shade Sails Roof Patio Santa Clara County

Shade sails cool 3rd-floor roof Patio in downtown Palo Alto in Santa Clara County, CA.

Fabric Shade Shelter Los Angeles Bleachers

Fabric shade shelter covers bleachers at Manhattan Beach, CA soccer field in Los Angeles County

Shade Sails Los Angeles Patio

Shade sails cover snack bar area at Salvation Army retreat in San Fernando Valley on west side of Los Angeles County

Fabric Shade Sails Cover Alameda County Patio

Fabric shade sails under tension cover the student housing BBQ area at California State University East Bay in Hayward

Shade Structures Cover Wood Deck| Santa Cruz Terrace

Fabric shade structures cool the terrace wood deck at Salvation Army retreat in Santa Cruz County, CA.

Patio Awnings Shade Sails Los Angeles

Patio awnings are shade sails at private school in Los Angeles suburb of Sherman Oaks, CA

Shade Sails On Roof Patio at UCAL Irvine in Orange County

Shade sails cool pato on 3rd floor roof at UCAL Irvine in Orange County, California.

Bleacher Shade Sails - California School Custom

Custom shade sails cool the bleachers and outdoor dining area at Marin County school in Mill Valley, CA

Amphitheater Sails Shade Sacramento Outdoor Seating

Shade sail structure covers Sacramento, CA amphitheater and provides cool shade during outdoor training sessions.

Shade Sails Cover San Francisco Bay Picnic Patios

Shade sail triangles cover picnic patios near San Francisco Bay at Marina Park in Alameda County city of San Leandro, CA.

Outdoor Dining Trellis - Shade Cloth Structure

Cable-tensioned shade cloth atop an outdoor dining trellis cools employees at Sacramento, CA utility company.

Courtyard Shade Sails For Recreation Center

New community center in Solano County, CA gets patio courtyard shade sails. They're subjected to the strong winds common to this San Francisco Bay-Delta Region location.

Custom Shade Sails Cool Los Angeles Metro Car Dealership

Auto dealer in Ontario, CA covers car detailing canopy and front patio with custom shade sails. Neither cars nor customers overheat in the San Bernardino County sun.

Hypar Sail Makes Cool Shade

Hypar shade sail cools outdoor fitness center on Microsoft's corporate campus in Mountain View, CA. This is the heart of Silicon Valley in Santa Clara County.

Sunshade Sails Awning On San Francisco Plaza

Sunshade sails combines the best features of both awnings and canopies. This plaza tensile structure is a unique shade covering at a downtown San Francisco plaza.

Shade Sails and Canopies Cover Day Care Center

Preschool child care facility gets patio shade sails and playground canopies to protect kids from harmful UV rays.

Tensile Fabric Canopy Shades Corporate Patio

Cantilevered tensile structure is a shade canopy over the lunch patio at the corporate headquarters of San Diego Gas & Electric. Constructed under project-specific agreement with local Ironworkers labor union.

Custom Shade Ramada | CA Park Picnic Gazebo

Custom designed shade ramada is also a park picnic gazebo at Rancho Solano Homeowners Association in California Delta Region city of Fairfield.

HDPE Fabric Umbrellas Shade Contra Costa Airport Playground

Contra Costa Airport (a.k.a Buchanan Field Airport) cools playground with HDPE shade umbrellas that remain permanently open.

Fabric Canopy Tops Solar Electrical Equipment

Cable tensioned, fabric canopy covers electrical transmission equipment for solar panel field on Livermore college campus in Alameda County, CA. Strong winds whip through the Altamont Pass between Tracy, CA and Livermore Valley.

Commercial Storage Canopy At CA Manufacturer

Prefabricated commercial storage shade canopy provides sun protection for harvested vegetable crop at Monterey County food manufacturer in Salinas, CA.

Shade Sails On Fresno Manufacturer Parking Lot

Shade sails cover Helm, CA employee parking lot at Fresno County agricultural & industrial chemical manufacturing company in San Joaquin Valley.

Shade Sail Pavilion Cools Outdoor Play Area

Shade sail pavilion covers outdoor play area at Silicon Valley fitness center.

Awning Shade Sail Covers Hospital Courtyard

Awning shade sail cools hospital courtyard in Santa Clara County, California.

Playground Canopy Shades Fremont, CA Church

Stationary playground canopy shades outdoor play area at Fremont church in Alameda County, CA.

Shade Structure Covers Oakland Outdoor Stage

Shade structure covers outdoor stage and concession stand at Alameda County facility in Oakland, CA. This permanent shade canopy cools the musicians, spectators, audience, and dancers.

Shade Canopies Cover NorCAL Swimming Pool

Shade canopies of tensioned fabric cover pool deck, concession stand, & changing rooms and provide permanent sun protection at Shafter Aquatic Center, being NW of Bakersfield in California Central Valley county of Kern.

Shade Sail Structure Cools NorCAL Pool

We were the vendor, manufacturer, & installer of a custom shade sail structure that covers the pool deck & swimming pool at a Santa Clara County sport fitness center in Los Gatos, California.

Prefabricated Walkway Covers Shade SoCAL Airport

Custom engineered and prefabricated walkway covers shade pedestrians at Palm Springs International Airport in Southern California's Riverside County, which is directly east of Los Angeles County.

Awning Shade Sails Cover NorCAL Restaurant Patio

Architectural shade sails serve as awnings to cool restaurant patio at San Mateo County hotel in South San Francisco, CA.

Sun Shade Canopies NorCAL Commercial Car Wash

Permanent shade cloth membrane structures cover vacuum stations at American Canyon, CA car wash on the border of Napa and Solano counties.

Bleacher Shade Canopy NorCAL Tennis Courts

Shade canopy cools bleacher spectators near tennis courts at Marin County tennis club in Tiburon, CA.

Shade Sail Structure Cools California Courtyard

Shade sails structure covers courtyard patio and pedestrian walkway at Vacaville Town Square in this Solano County, CA community.

Playground Shade Structure at NorCAL Church

Fabric shade structure with cable tensioned membrane covers Solano County church school playground in Vacaville, CA.

Large Shade Umbrellas Cool School Recess Areas

Large shade umbrellas with permanent, inground foundations cool playground recess area at Newcastle Elementary School in Placer County, CA.

Shade Sail Awnings Cool Contra Costa Patio

Shade sail awnings of tensioned fabric cool Contra Costa County patio at East Bay charitable organization in Lafayette, CA.

Covered Parking Shade Structure|NorCAL Car Dealer

Parking shade structure provides covered parking at Tulare County car dealer. This cantilever parking canopy reduces the interior temperatures of cars and trucks at this Visalia, California automotive dealer.

Fixed Shade Canopy Mesh Fabric Net Replacment NorCAL

Nursery school replaces mesh fabric net on playground fixed shade canopy at Davis, California facility in Yolo County.

Giant Umbrellas Shade NorCAL Company Patio

Giant umbrellas shade the patio at Sonoma County vineyard and winery in Healdsburg, CA providing permanent shade protection.

Shade Sails Cover California Park Playground

Shade sail structure cools Sacramento park playground in the hot Sacramento Valley county of Sacramento, California.

Retail Nursery Hires California Shade Sails Designer Contractor

Shade sails of architectural knitted fabric cool San Luis Obispo County outdoor retail center in North Central Coast community of Paso Robles, CA.

Shade Cloth Canopy Hospital Building Entrance

Fabric shade canopy cools driveway and building entrance at Lake County, CA hospital, which is near Ukiah at the foot of Mendocino National Forest.

Shade Structure Covers NorCAL Bleachers

Fabric cantilever shade structure covers Santa Clara County pool bleachers at San Jose, California high school.

Tensile Shade Structure Cools NorCAL Courtyard

Tensile structure shades the employee break area in courtyard of Santa Clara County manufacturing company located in Sunnyvale, CA.

Permanent Shade Umbrella Cools San Jose Preschool

Permanent shade umbrella cools Silicon Valley preschool playground at San Jose, California Buddhist temple nursery school in Santa Clara County.

Detailing Shade Canopy At Sacramento Car Wash

Semi cantilevered shade canopy covers car vacuum and detailing center at West Sacramento, CA car wash.

GSA Approved Canopies Shade NorCAL Military Base Playgrounds

GSA approved fabric canopies shade playgrounds under military contract with Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, CA in Solano County.

Commercial Sun Shelters Shade California Pool

Commercial sun shelter structures provide permanent shade protection for dolphins in pool tanks at Solano County marine center in Vallejo, California.

Free Standing Canopy Shades NorCAL Workers

Rotary Club of Healdsburg, CA donates outdoor canopy to provide permanent shade protection for workers in this Sonoma County community.

Tram Shade Structure Cools NorCAL Parking Lot

Tram shade structure cools parking lot waiting area at San Francisco Bay area amusement park in Vallejo, CA.

Shade Sail Structure Cools NorCAL Park Patio

Shade sail structure cools picnic patio at Davis, CA park in Yolo County.

Pre-engineered DSA Fabric Shade Structures Cover School Patios

DSA approved, pre-engineered and prefabricated fabric lunch canopies shade patios at Union School District elementary schools in San Jose, CA.

Shade Canopies For NorCAL School Playgrounds

Shade canopies of tensioned fabric cool Palo Alto playgrounds, sand boxes and lunch patios at several elementary schools in this San Mateo County, California community.

Custom Shade Sails Shelter NorCAL Playground

Custom shade sails structure shelters the playground at Solano Country Project Head Start preschool in Fairfield, CA.

Architectural Shade Umbrellas Cool NorCAL Patio

Architectural shade umbrellas provide permanent shade protection on corporate patios at San Jose research facility in Santa Clara County, CA.




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