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Shade Umbrellas: Permanent Commercial

Shade umbrellas that are permanent & commercial grade (i.e. giant umbrellas, patio umbrellas, market umbrellas, cafe umbrellas & architectural umbrellas) provide individualized escape from sun & heat.  They're permanent because they have in-ground foundations and always stay open.   

  Patio Shade Umbrella
(San Jose Giant Umbrella)
 Cantilever Shade Umbrellas
(Cantilevered Permanent 
Permanent shade umbrellas withstand wind up to 85 MPH with their fabric tops open.  This distinguishes them from conventonal patio umbrellas, market umbrellas & cafe umbrellas.

These giant umbrellas come in the following styles:

  • 12'x12' Cantilever w/water-resistant HDPE fabric 
  • 15'x15' Center Column w/water-resistant HDPE fabric
  • 20' Dia. Center Column w/water-resistant HDPE fabric
  • Up to 18' Dia. Hexagon Cantilever w/waterproof PVC fabric 
  • Up to 18' Dia. Hexagon Center Column w/waterproof PVC fabric

Playground Shade Umbrellas
(Fairfield Playground Permanent Umbrella)

 Waterproof Umbrellas


 (Waterproof Patio Shade Umbrellas)

Permanent shade umbrellas cool commercial patios, playgrounds, pool decks, walkways and other outdoor spaces throughout California.

Even sandy resorts!

See shade umbrella album.

Shade Umbrella Cantilever 








                              (Hexagon Cantilever Shade Umbrella)

California designer & construction contractor of commercial, cable-supported fabric shade structures!

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