Environmental Education Facts and Information Resources for Kids and Students 

Protecting the world's environment has become an issue of global importance. Clear and comprehensive education about the environment and the importance of sustainability is necessary to emphasize global well-being. Having access to timely and relevant information about environmental education is essential for teachers, students and professionals in the environmental field to further their knowledge and pass the information onto others. The following resources provide authoritative information on the environment itself, and the issues that environmental education tackles.

Information Resources for Professionals

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: A wide selection of environmental education publications, all available to order free of charge.

The National Environmental Education Foundation: The NEEF has a large range of publications, many available in ebook format, covering environmental education issues.

The University of Massachusetts: A list of links to environmental publications from a range of US Governmental bodies.

Classroom Resources.

The Rainforest Alliance: This website has an entire example curriculum for teaching environmental education to grade K-8 students.

The Center for Environmental Education Curriculum Library: A searchable database of lesson resources for use with students of all age groups.

The Library Of Congress: Provides teachers with a series of lesson plans on environmental issues geared to students of grades 3 up to 12.

Higher Education Resources

Eelink: A list of links to a wide selection of awards and grants on environmental topics.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Student Opportunities: This page contains information about scholarships and internships available with them.

Environmental Education Scholarships: There are several comprehensive articles about seeking out and applying for environmental scholarships.

Grant Resources

Grant Opportunities Search Tool: Grants.gov provides a database with information about all the discretionary grants made available by the 26 federal grant-making bodies.

The Foundation Center: This is another search tool for discovering sources of funding.

The Olson Family Fellowship: An internship program for students and graduates interested in environmental education to work and teach in Rocky Mountain National Park.

Job Resources

Environmental Career Opportunities: This website has a section devoted to jobs in environmental education.

SE Environmental education jobs: Southeast Environmental Education Resources has a job listings page for people looking for openings in the South Eastern United States.

Juju: A job search engine that can be used to find jobs related to environmental education.

Additional Resources

Calender of environmental events: The Australian government's environment website provides a comprehensive worldwide calender of environmental awareness days.

National Environmental Education Week: This is the home of the largest annual environmental education event in the United States, with programs and events for K-12 students across the country.

National Geographic's environment website: Full of accessible environmental information for all ages.

GreenFacts: A website devoted to providing clear and concise summaries of scientific documents about the environment.

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